Grilled Clams

No one can deny the richness that comes loaded with seafood. When it comes to clams, they are high in protein and low on fat, ensuring a proper healthy diet. Also, it is seafood and that means that it also has essential vitamins and minerals on the top of everything. Flavor is fabulous and it is going to be enhanced further with the help of grill. So, we made sure that you have a platter that is rich in essential nutrients and flavor while keeping unwanted fats and cholesterol down. Let us take a look at how this can embellish your platter with the recipe that follows.

  1. The time required

This recipe serves as an appetizer and does not require much time. The recipe we are going to discuss here would serve about 4-6 people and could be ready in about 30 minutes. So, it does not, in any way, consume a large chunk of your time yet stupefies you with an exquisite flavor.

  1. The required ingredients

There sure are a few things that would keep you on your toes, possibly running to the store to stock your kitchen shelf with a few items. Here is a little list you need to work upon before proceeding with the cooking procedure:

  1. About 24 clams, littleneck and scrubbed
  2. Some lemon wedges
  3. Some kosher salt
  4. Some black pepper, freshly ground
  5. A tablespoon of lemon juice, fresh
  6. A tablespoon of scallion, chopped
  7. A tablespoon of dill, fresh and chopped
  8. A tablespoon of parsley, flat-leaf and chopped
  9. Half a cup of unsalted butter

With these items occupying your kitchen shelf and ready to take a little bath on the grill, you may look further into the process involved in cooking them together.

  1. The procedure of cooking

This process is literally easy to pull off yet it is enough to surprise you with an eloquent slide of flavor on the tongue. Stick to the steps that follow to pursue perfection.

  • Grab a medium sized bowl. In it, blend together lemon juice, scallion, dill, parsley and unsalted butter. Here you create a herb butter.
  • Season this mixture with some pepper and salt, according to your taste.
  • Fire up your charcoal grill with a medium high flame. Consider high heat if using a gas grill.
  • Chuck the clams on to the grill grates and lower down the lid.
  • Continue to grill the clams for about 6 to 8 minutes. Clams should just open up at this moment.
  • Transfer these clams to your platter, ensuring enough care so as to keep the juices from spilling out.
  • Now use the herb butter mixture to dot the clams. The heated clams would make the butter melt.
  • Once the butter melts, clams are ready to be served.
  • Embellish the platter with lemon wedges around the clams.

Here, your Grilled Clams would be ready.

When there is so much goodness calling on you, why would you wait? Just jump out of your couch now!

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